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segunda-feira, 7 de dezembro de 2009

Kings Of The Carnival Creation - Dimmu Borgir

Incarnated marvels simplified

Effects from such a disconsolate kind

Impotence of the once so perfect living

Erase and rewind
Stand rigid for the next battle

Peace means reloading your guns

The love for life is all hatred in disguise

A carnival creation with masks undone
In search for the guidelines

to the gateways of sinthrough mires

of misanthropy with wrath in mind

Sophistication as cruelty and perfection

as virulent truth

Confidently dawned,

to pick the best of enemies

An abyss womb stretched wide open,

exposed to retaliate
With the stigma feasting upon your flesh

I wish you well

Thorns from the fountains of fate licking lepered skin

Worshipped by anyone's mass on our planet hell

What on earth possessed you
Consuming illusions made from hysteria and swallowed tongues

Devoured by doubt,

conducting arts of misconception

Testimonial sufficiency declaring numbness of all perceptions
Glance into the blackness

hidden beneath your surface

And enjoy the suffering,

sanity drained in disrespect

With such bedevilled faith in good,

subsequently trusting evil

Next step for mankind

will be the last seasons in sin
Left are the kings of the carnival creation

Carrying out the echoes of the fallen
Sense the withering eternity

as it fades away

The ultimate graceless voyage of all times

Only death will be guarding your angels, silently

Cripples joining arms in clamour

Institutionalized for the rebirth,

the herd will be hunted

Puritania - Dimmu Borgir

Chains of despair

Cloaked by darkness

The thundering echoes of great destruction to come

Mankind's mysteries

The dying world

Madness in it's sweetest form

What shrivels and dies must face the tempest

The angelic heaven bows to the ultimate truth

And melancholy grew

Anticipation mender through madness

Condemned to the same horrid fate

Insanity applauds

How sharp the awakening

Pale as diseaseMocking…


Give up the ghost

Cease the gloomy awakening

History foretold

The hidden stigmata

Totally annihilating the ecstasies innumerable

Materialize the vision

Give up the ghost

Cease the gloomy awakening